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Catholic schools form the second largest

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 sector after government schools, with around 21% of secondary enrolments. Most Australian catholic schools belong to a system like government schools, are typically co-educational, and attempt to provide Catholic education evenly across the states. These schools are also known as 'systemic'. Systemic Catholic schools are funded mainly by state and federal government and have low fees.

There are also a substantial number of independent Catholic schools, often single-sex, usually run by established religious orders, such as the Sisters of Mercy or the Christian Brothers. Independent Catholic school fees vary, ranging from low to high. However, fee's are typically lower than that of Independent schools, and fee concessions for Catholic families facing financial difficulty are quite common.

Catholic schools, both systemic and independent, proclaim strong religious motivations and most often the majority of their staff and students will be Catholics.

Independent Schools

Independent schools make up the last sector and are the most popular form of schooling for boarding students. Independent schools are non-government institutions that are generally not part of a system.

Although most are non-aligned, some of the best known independent schools also belong to the large, long-established religious foundations (Anglican, Uniting Church, Presbyterian) but in most cases they do not insist on their students’ religious allegiance. These schools are typically viewed as 'elite schools'. Many of the ‘grammar schools’ also fall in this category. They are usually expensive schools that tend to be up-market and traditional in style.

On the other hand, many independent schools are quite new, often small, and not necessarily traditional at all


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Alphabetical Listings

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American Christian Academy
6782 1st St, Forestville, CA 707 887-8328

Brush Creek Montessori School
1569 Brush Creek Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 707 539-7980

Cardinal Newman Catholic High
50 Ursuline Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 707 546-6470

Cross & Crown Lutheran School
5475 Snyder Ln, Rohnert Park, CA 707 795-7863

Empire College
3035 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 707 546-4000

Jupiter Hollow School-Massage
PO Box 8043, Santa Rosa, CA 707 584-7903

Little Oaks Montessori School
715 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA 707 763-3235

Merryhill School
4580 Bennett View Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 707 575-0910

Nonesuch School
4004 Bones Rd, Sebastopol, CA 707 823-6603

Redwood Adventist Academy  ±
385 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 707 545-1

Santa Rosa Christian Church
1315 Pacific Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 707 542-0872

Sebastopol Christian School
7789 Healdsburg Ave, Sebastopol, CA 707 823-2754

Snyder Lane Christian School
4689 Snyder Ln, Rohnert Park, CA 707 584-9774

Sonoma Valley Academy
276 E Napa St, Sonoma, CA 707 996-2881

St Eugene's Cathedral School
300 Farmers Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 707 545-7252

St Francis Solano School
342 W Napa St, Sonoma, CA 707 996-4994

St John's Catholic School
217 Fitch St, Healdsburg, CA 707 433-2758

St Luke Lutheran School
905 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 707 545-0526

St Vincent De Paul High School
849 Keokuk St, Petaluma, CA 707 763-1032

Stuart School
431 Humboldt St, Santa Rosa, CA 707 528-0721

Summerfield Waldorf School
655 Willowside Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 707 575-7194

Ursuline High School 
90 Ursuline Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 707 524-1130

Windsor Oaks Academy
8681 Windsor Rd, Windsor, CA 707 837-7771
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