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Executive Search (informally headhunting)

is used to recruit senior individuals to client organizations.

Search consultancies are often entrenched in particular market sectors and have very strong networks in a particular space. This network is utilized along with other methodologies and techniques to find the best people in the market place for a particular role. Normally the individuals are not actively looking to leave their current organization and are successful and happy where they are. It is the job of the search consultant to approach these individuals with a view to taking them out of their current company and placing them in another, often a competitor.

Search is expensive but effective and is often used to find senior individuals with specialist skill sets in tight market sectors. The industry is split into two distinct fields Retained executive search and Contingency Search. The defining difference is that the retained search firms will get paid a fee regardless of whether a successful placement is made. This prevents inappropriate candidates being pushed onto Hiring Organizations to ensure the search is successful. Contingency Search is usually associated with slightly lower level executive and specialist roles.



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Adobe Creek Assoc 
100 Petaluma Blvd N # 304, Petaluma, CA 707 763-6745

Benchmark Consulting
103 E Napa St # 1, Sonoma, CA 707 933-1500

Harvey Bell & Assoc
700 Lindsay Ave, Rohnert Park, CA 707 795-0650

Hubenette Executive Search
4608 Parktrail Ct, Santa Rosa, CA 707 539-9900

Juristic Pilot Lawyer Recruit
2613 Bristol Rd, Kenwood, CA 707 833-4732

Pacific Resource Solutions Inc
2062 Mill Creek Rd, Healdsburg, CA 707 473-0130

Recruiting Resources
1235 N Dutton Ave # F, Santa Rosa, CA 707 542-6400

Savant Consulting
1301 Farmers Ln # 101, Santa Rosa, CA 707 566-4796

Strada Resources Inc
50 Santa Rosa Ave # 420, Santa Rosa, CA 707 575-1122

Wine-Pro Intl
5412 Sonoma Mountain Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 707 571-0400
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The service is paid for by the client company or organization--not by the hired job candidate. Potential job candidates are identified, qualified and presented to the client company or organization by the executive search firm based upon degree of alignment with a written or verbal Job Specification developed in conjunction with the client representative(s). Assessing degree of potential fit of the candidate with the job specification is a key "deliverable" for the search firm since the most common reason a search consultant is engaged by a client company or organization is to save time and effort involved with identifying, qualifying and reviewing potential candidates for specific leadership positions.

It is common for a potential candidate (person to be hired) to be identified by the search firm via telephone call. Often the phone call is the result of a recommendation from someone inside the existing network of the search firm. Quality oriented search firms work hard at cultivating and continually updating their network of contacts so that when a search assignment is awarded they will be ready to start qualifying potential candidates. Another way to identify potential candidates involves search firm "research" ---contacting targeted people in specific companies who appear to fit the job profile in some logical manner. Some of the best candidate referrals come from people who could be candidates for the job themselves but for any number of reasons are not interested at that particular time.


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