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Pre-employment drug testing

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This is by far the most common type of drug test used by businesses. It has the advantage of being inexpensive, since only one test per employee needs to be paid for by the company. However, since most pre-employment drug testing is urine-based and subject to sample adulteration or substitution, the effectiveness of this approach has been questioned by federal legislators. Some organizations have a witness in the room at the time of the testing, but the privacy implications of this, as well as the potential for shy bladder syndrome has limited the use of witnesses outside jails and drug treatment programs. Companies and testing centers that do not use witnesses normally disconnect sources of water from the testing room to discourage dilution, and if there is water in the toilet, it is dyed blue. Other countermeasures, such as making the donor change into a gown, may also be used.

Random drug testing
This is the most controversial type of drug testing. At face value, random drug testing appears to be a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution which protects the right of citizens "to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures." In addition, the Fourth


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Accurate Dna & Drug Testing
709 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA 707 763-0678

ADTS-ALCOHOL & Drug Testing
6025 Labath Ave # 104B, Rohnert Park, CA 707 588-1234

Center For Drug & Alcohol
17 Tennessee St, Vallejo, CA 707 643-3894

Employers Health Svc
1569 Los Carneros Ave, Napa, CA 707 257-7002

Futures Fit 4 Work
3423 Valle Verde Dr, Napa, CA 707 254-7175

Global Medical & Safety Inc
6877 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol, CA 707 823-0303

Healthy Partnerships
1286 Callen St, Vacaville, CA 707 447-8982

Makor Detection Dogs
Napa, CA 707 252-4600

On-Site Medical Testing 
95 Montgomery Dr # 202, Santa Rosa, CA 707 547-2474

Valley Workfit
Michael Clark
3448 Villa Ln # 105, Napa, CA 707 226-9675

1100 Trancas St # 300, Napa, CA 707 257-4084

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Amendment states that "no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Regardless, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Skinner v. Railway Labor Assn., 489 U.S. 602 (1989) that random drug testing is permissible for employees in safety sensitive positions.


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