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A carpenter is a skilled craftsman who performs carpentry

- a wide range of woodworking that includes constructing buildings, furniture, and other objects out of wood. The work  generally involves significant manual labor and work outdoors, particularly in rough carpentry.

A rough carpenter is one who does rough carpentry; that is, framing, formwork, roofing, and other structural or other large-scale work that need not be finely joined or polished in appearance.

A joister is a carpenter that puts in the floor joists. Floor joists are the horizontal boards connected to the frame of a structure at the level just below the floor. They give the floor strength for holding weight. Also they give a position to fasten the floor to. Joisters also put on the joists for the decks of a building. Joisters need good balance to install the beams and joists on buildings considering the elevation involved.









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Bert's Home Repair Svc
671 5th St W, Sonoma, CA 707 938-9176

Carpentry By Sam Morar
2849 Bighorn Sheep St, Santa Rosa, CA 707 569-9974

Matthews Custom Design-Crpntry
Rohnert Park, CA 707 584-7704

Ricciardone Enterprises
Santa Rosa, CA 707 526-5915

Sebastopol, CA 707 823-5396

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A finish carpenter (North America) or joiner (traditional name now obsolete in North America) is one who does finish carpentry; that is, cabinetry, furniture making, fine woodworking, model building, instrument making, parquetry, joinery, or other carpentry where exact joints and minimal margins of error are important. Some large-scale construction may be of an exactitude and artistry that it is classed as finish carpentry.

A trim carpenter specializes in molding and trim, such as door and window casings, mantles, baseboard, and other types of ornamental work. Cabinet installers are also referred to as trim carpenters.

A cabinetmaker is a carpenter who does fine and detailed work, specializing in the making of cabinets, wardrobes, dressers, storage chests, and other furniture designed for storage.

A ship's carpenter specializes in shipbuilding, maintenance, and repair techniques (see also shipwright) and carpentry specific to nautical needs; usually the term refers to a carpenter who has a post on a specific ship. Steel warships as well as wooden ones need ship's carpenters, especially for making emergency repairs in the case of battle or storm damage.

A carpenter in film-making, TV, and the theater builds and dismantles temporary structures and sets for the production of these entertainments.

A framer builds the skeletal structure or framework of buildings. Techniques include platform framing, balloon framing, or timber framing (which may be post-and-beam or mortise-and-tenon framing).

A roofer specializes in roof construction, concentrating on rafters, beams, and trusses. Naturally, a roofer must not be scared of heights and have good balance as well as carpentry skills. In Australia this type of carpenter is called a roof carpenter and in that country a roofer is someone who puts on the roof cladding (shingles, tiles, tin, etc.).

A formwork carpenter creates the shuttering and false work used in concrete construction.


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