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A picture frame is a container added to a picture in order to enhance it, make it easier to display or, in some cases, to protect it.


Picture frames are usually made of soft or hard wood, although other materials are also used, including aluminum or polystyrene. A picture frame may be of any colour or texture, but gilding is common, especially on older frames. Some picture frames have elaborate mouldings on them, which may relate to the subject matter of the picture.

The picture frame may contain a pane of glass or a plastic glass substitute such as Plexiglas, in order to protect the picture. Glass may be treated with various coatings, the most common being UV filters. Some glazings such as Denglas, Optium, and Museum glass have a coating which makes the glass partially non reflective and practically invisible under ideal lighting conditions.









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Adobe Frame Gallery
921 Lakeville St, Petaluma, CA 707 762-1502

Fine Art & Frame
640 5th St, Santa Rosa, CA 707 571-7977

Frame Factory
605 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 707 996-2253

Frame Shoppe
14028 Armstrong Woods Rd, Guerneville, CA 707 869-3035

Frame Up
103 Maxwell Ct, Santa Rosa, CA 707 576-1195

Mackey Picture Frame Co
570 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 707 527-5959

One Frame At Time
1194 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA 707 823-2706

Picture Perfect Frame Studio
21 Kentucky St, Petaluma, CA 707 762-2133

Village Frame & Gallery
4235 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 707 575-9900
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